Zane’s Inc.

Providing Services for Children and Adults with Special Needs in Northeast Ohio


Photos with sensory-friendly Santa

Holiday Party






Final  2017 Funding Quarter Results

“Zane’s Board Members are pleased to announce the final funding quarter for the year 2017.  Three families were awarded funds for various services for a total of $4,252.69..  Two families received funds for therapy services and the remaining family received adaptive equipment.  We started this quarter with nine files and ended with a low number!  We hope to make up for it next quarter.  We are busy with our next funding quarter with disbursements planned in January of 2018.”

-Stacy Youssef, Founder & CFO




When: 630pm-830pm, November 14th, Join us!

Trey Bennett, of Stark & Knoll, will be diving into how to qualify for Medicaid & Social Security and navigating the limitations of each of these programs. This discussion is crucial for anyone utilizing these benefits!

Where: Church in Silver Lake, 2951 Kent Rd, Silver Lake, OH 44224




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Thank you Dr. Burland!

Dr. Burland gave an amazing presentation to us at our Monthly Community Meeting. We discussed among many topics, when the right time to talk to a doctor about diagnosis would be. From Autism to ADD / ADDHD to Anxiety, we got answers! If you missed Dr. Burland’s presentation feel free to check her out at KidsLink (

Here’s a fun video Dr. Burland shared representing ADHD with Humor!