Dan Corman, Board Member & “Go To Guy”

Dan Corman is a man of the world having lived many places including several countries other than the United States.  He is recently retired from the military, but still active in the military reserves.  Lucky for us that Dan’s next adventure is taking place right here in Northeast Ohio with Out of the Box Behavioral Solutions. LLC, as their new Marketing Coordinator.

Dan is married and lives in the Canton area.  He has two daughters; one on an IEP.  So he definitely understands the challenges of the special needs world.  While living all over the world, he has developed some unusual hobbies and looks forward to actually being able to spend some time doing them!  He likes to knit in his spare time and hopes to get his children also into this hobby.  He loves to clog dance with his buddies, collect rocks, and his newest favorite is taxidermy!  No one will be surprised when we see Dan wearing a new raccoon hat next winter!  He loves cats.