Who Can Benefit?

Who will benefit from this Foundation?

Children and adults with special needs that live in NORTHEAST OHIO.

When is this funding available?

A parent or legal guardian may apply for funding assistance for a child or adult ONCE during  per calendar year.

What is considered special needs?

Special needs is used to describe a life-long disability attributed to developmental and/or intellectual impairments. An individual who has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Service Plan (ISP) is also included. These disabilities affect daily functioning in the following areas: capacity for independent living, economic self-sufficiency, learning, mobility, social skills, receptive and expressive language, self-care, and self-direction.


Financial support may be designated for camps, therapies, some medical expenses, respite, assistive or

adaptive equipment, communicative devices that are

necessary to meet daily challenges.


Please note:

Due to Foundation Bylaw changes effective in October of 2011, Zane’s Foundation will begin awarding funds on a quarterly basis starting in the year 2012.  The quarters will be as follows:  April 30; July 30; October 30; January 30; and so forth.  A Board appointed “Family Support Fund” Committee will consist of Zane’s Foundation Board member, parent(s) of children who have special needs, business owners and educators.  The recipient Family will be notified by letter of any decisions made regarding their Application.  Applications will continue to be accepted at any time.

Here is what you need to do

  1. Fill out the on-line Application. All of your information will be kept confidential. Once you push the “submit” button, your completed Application will automatically be forwarded to us.
  2. Please send the following documents to us:  a copy of every adults most recent pay stub who contributes to this household income;  an entire copy of the child’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or the equivalent; and a copy of your most current Form 1040 Tax returns & schedules.
  3. If you are applying for services (such as therapy), a “letter of service”  must come from the service provider outlining the service that you will receive, the cost per session and the length of treatment.  This letter must come on letterhead and have an original signature on it.  We cannot accept a copy.  For equipment, you must give us a copy of where this item may be purchased.
  4. The guidelines for respite or summer camp aides are case by case and your provider must be approved by the Zane’s Foundation Board.  Your providers must have up-to-date CPR classes, first aid, and finger-printing.
  5. Please understand that Zane’s Foundation will not reimburse you for any services or equipment that has already been received.  We only can pay for things that have not yet been received.  We will not give you a check.  All funds will be given directly to the service providers or businesses,
  6. These are the initial documents that we need.  We may ask for more documents as time continues.
  7. Mail all of your materials to:

    Zane’s Foundation, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1642
    Stow, Ohio 44224

  8. You will receive a confirmation via email whenever we receive documents from you. Documents must be sent to us by regular mail; this postmark is important to us.  We do not accept FAXED or emailed documents..  You will also receive follow-up emails or telephone calls concerning your Application.  We will keep in touch with you “walking” you through the Funds Assistance process.
  9. Any time you have a question that is not addressed either in an email or here, please feel free to contact Zane’s Foundation at 330-677-9263.  Calls will be returned within 48 business hours.