What We Are

Zane’s, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.  We help children and adults with special needs by educating their families about beneficial resources that will improve their loved one’s  academic achievement.  We also assist with financial support.  Financial support can be designated for things such as:  camps, therapies, respite, assistive or adaptive equipment, communicative devices that help to meet daily challenges.


Mission Statement

The mission of Zane’s, Inc. is to provide services for children and adults with special needs.  This is done through funding assistance; and community outreach and educational programs.

Vision Statement

Funding assistance and community outreach and educational programs are the cornerstone of Zane’s, Inc.  Through fundraising efforts and outside community grants, we provide funding assistance for children and adults who have disabilities so that they may receive necessities not covered by insurance, government agencies or other resources.  The ultimate goal is to help each individual reach their maximum potential so that every individual has a chance to become a contributing member of society.  Through our various community outreach programs, we aim to educate and increase awareness of disabilities and special needs.


Who will benefit from this Foundation?

Children and adults with special needs whom live in Northeast Ohio.

When is this funding available?

Parents or Legal Guardians may apply for assistance only once during the calendar year.

What is considered special needs?

Special needs is used to describe a life-long disability attributed to developmental and/or intellectual impairment.   For instance, one with autism, Down Syndrome, blindness, or cystic fibrosis is considered to have a “special need.”  This is not an all inclusive list.  Anyone with an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) is included as well.  These disabilities affect daily functioning in the following areas:  capacity for independent living, economic self sufficiency, learning, mobility, social skills, receptive and expressive language, self-care skills and self direction.